Eris Pharmaceuticals - Exclusive Distributor of MonoDermà in Australia & New Zealand


In its focus to bring in the Australian & New Zealand markets niche products and highly specialized formulations, Eris Pharmaceuticals has formed a strategic collaboration with Giuliani S.p.A, an Italian leader in pharmacy skincare with international recognition for its innovative products in Dermatology and Gastroenterology, in order to bring you MonoDermà – three uniquely formulated skin products consisting of pure vitamins in their most active and potent form, covering the most demanding needs of every woman.                                                                   

Each MonoDermà product has a distinct vitamin concentrate designed to improve skin health and radiance. MonoDermà products are made for daily external use and can be used in combination to achieve multiple objectives simultaneously, ensuring optimum results for all skin types.

 The currently available products are the following:

  • MonoDermà A15: Exfoliating Anti-Wrinkles | With Vitamin A - 0,15% Retinol
  • MonoDermà C10: Lightening & Anti-Aging | With Vitamin C – 10% Ascorbic Acid
  • MonoDermà E5: Soothing & Hydrating | With Vitamin E – 5% Tocopherol

For more information about MonoDermà, please visit our page or contact our Customer Service Team (Toll Free) at: 1800 233 588  

International product website:

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